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  • 3 Jun 2024


    23 Jul 2024

    Term 6
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  • 25 Jun 2024
    Sport Day
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  • 28 Jun 2024
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  • 8 Jul 2024
    Y6 Production - Evening performance
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  • 10 Jul 2024
    Y6 Production - Afternoon performance
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  • 11 Jul 2024
    Infant Voice Festival - KS1 Pupils
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  • 17 Jul 2024
    Y6 Leavers Party
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  • 18 Jul 2024
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  • 19 Jul 2024
    Pupil Reports to Parents
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  • 22 Jul 2024
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  • 23 Jul 2024
    Nursery Closed - Open for Nursery Leavers ONLY
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  • 23 Jul 2024
    Nursery Leavers - Farm and Graduation
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  • 23 Jul 2024
    School Finishes
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  • 25 Jul 2024
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Young Carers at Holy Family

By definition, a Young Carer is someone under the age of 18 who looks after a family member  or friend who has a physical or mental health condition or who misuses drugs or alcohol.  They may also look after brothers sisters or elderly relatives too.  Some Young Carers are even younger than 5 years old!

At Holy Family, we have a number of Young Carers, some of whom are registered with Swindon Young Carers too.  Our wonderful Young Carers range from Year 1 to Year 6..

KS1 children play, take part in planned activities and read stories with Mrs Coates, our trained ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)  They also receive birthday cakes on their birthdays where they can finally share a slice with their group of Young Carer friends!


 KS2 groups also have the same fun, using the AQA examining board's suggestions for activities.  They have produced some wonderful Graffiti art which is displayed proudly in the Haven.   They have weighed and prepared the ingredients needed for baking cupcakes and they have dazzled each other and Mrs Coates (their fully trained ELSA) with their street dancing!  


Young Carers Award Ceremony Extraordinaire!  

6 of our year 6 Young Carers went to the Village hotel in Swindon to celebrate their achievements during the year.

These children have been involved in AQA units such as dance, graffiti art and muffin making and have received professional certificates to mark these achievements.  4 of our Young Carers have gone on to Secondary school now so unfortunately missed out on the ceremony .  

The children were treated to a meal, a handmade mosaic award, a pencil case saying that, 'Not all superheros wear capes' (referring to their roles in taking care of their loved ones) and much much more.  One child told us that it was, "my best day EVER"  and the looks on their faces when they saw the tables decked out with cordial (they thought it was wine!) helium balloons and Heroes chocolates was a picture.  

Our children were personally congratulated by the Chief Executive of Swindon Young Carers who joined our table and due to the exuberance and sparkle our children showed, the CEO asked them if they would like to perform a dance to mark the start of the show!  They took to this like ducks to water and had the audience up and clapping!   It was an afternoon to remember :)