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All children are unique and have different ways of learning, playing and expressing themselves.

Some children have additional learning needs, which may mean they need some extra support at school. As stated in our SEN policy...

Holy Family Catholic Primary and Nursery School strives to be an inclusive school

We believe that all children, regardless of their learning needs, should be treated as individuals who have a right to an education that allows them to fulfil their academic, social and emotional potential. We believe that by providing equal opportunities, effective teaching and learning, nurture and encouragement we can support our pupils in becoming capable, confident and independent learners to the very best of their abilities.  

SEN and Inclusion Policy


Provision at Holy Family


At Holy Family we have our own sensory room. This environment provides a sensory experience to all children and can be used for relaxation and de-escalation. The room provides a calming space and can be used by all children. 

We also have a sensory nook which again provides a calming space for children and provides many benefits

 - Sensory Nook Plus reduces external sensory overload.

 - It provides a supportive safe space for pupils with SEND.

 - It helps them self regulate and cope with everyday situations and improves pupil wellbeing.

 - It is a personally adaptive learning environment that is proven to lower anxiety.

SEND Online Safety Hub

NetAware have launched an online safety hub to help support parents and carers who have children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The hub includes: online safety and wellbeing tips and advice and activities specifically for parents and carers of children with SEND.

Supporting your child with SEND online wellbeing

SEND Online Safety Hub
We support our children in a range of different ways, depending on their age and learning needs. We run many successful intervention programs including:

  • Better Reading Partners
  • Social Skills groups 
  • Numicon 
  • Nessy
  • Talk Boost
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development Groups 
  • ELSA support
  • Lego Group

We also work closely with a number of outside agencies to support children who need specialist advice and learning programs, for example Educational Psychology, Assistive Technology, TAMHS and CAMHS and Speech and Language Support.

For more information on the support that we could offer to children with SEN please refer to our SEN Information Report or email our SENco, Mrs Kordula, using senco@holyfamily.swindon.sch.uk 




 Governor Report to Parents 2020-21