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Mini Police at Holy Family

The children of Holy Family are proud to be part of the 'Mini Police'. Mini Police offers work with the local police officers in order to build positive relationships with their local police team, whilst helping out in their school and the wider community.

We have a eager team of mini police who are enjoying taking part in their session throughout the year. 

A mini police session

With Arson and Hoax calls being at the forefront of today's Mini Police session, the children were invited to recreate a Court scene in a classroom with all the equipment that your modern courtroom might boast; 

Judges and Jury, a gavel, a Prosecuting and a Defence Lawyer and a level of formality and gravitas that one might expect.  Saying that, laughs, gasps of awe and realisation were also in abundance to make the session relatable and interesting too.

The children were surprised to know that a person's number may be blocked by both the Fire Service and the Police if too many prank / hoax calls are made which would of course make it a case of 'Crying wolf too many times'. If that person finds themselves in real, actual trouble with a fire or a dangerous situation, they may not be able to alert anyone for help.  A grave lesson indeed. 




Mini Police at Holy Family

Attestation Day

Mini Police are back in FORCE!

4 PCSO's (Police Community Support Officers) visited Holy Family school  to meet our new Mini Police and to help them with making their Promise to help serve and protect our local community.