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Welcome to the Year 1 and Year 2



Welcome to Year 1 and Year 2. There are 3 classes in our phase.

Toucan class are terrific Year 1s, Zebra class are all eager Year 1 and 2s and Panther are enthusiastic Year 2s. 



Zebra Class - Mrs Adams

Panther Class - Mrs Thoburn 

Please contact keystage1@holyfamily.swindon.sch.uk if you have any queries regarding your child in Year 1/2 and Mrs Thoburn will get back to you.

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Maths - Numbots 

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Learning at Home


Panther Term 2 Homework 

Zebra & Giraffe Year 1 & 2 Term 2 Homework 

Homework Term 4 

 Homework Term 5

 Curriculum Overview

Here you will find an overarching view of what the children will be taught over their time in Year 1 and Year 2. As we have mixed age year groups we work on a two year rolling cycle to ensure that all of the National Curriculum Objectives are covered across the 2 years. 

Year 1 and Year 2 Cycle A (2023, 2025, 2027) 

Year 1 and Year 2 Cycle B (2022, 2024, 2026)  



It is very important to read as often as possible with your children at home; every day is best, even if it is just 5 minutes sharing a book at bedtime.

Talk about the text as you go and ask questions - this will help the children develop their comprehension skills. Each time you read with your child please make a note in their reading record recording the date, alongside a comment if you wish. Please ensure to read each text a number of times with your child, as the re-reading of these texts will allow the children to develop their fluency skills.


Dates to Remember:


Dates for Term 5 and 6

April 25th – Whole school Mass

May 2nd – KS1 trip to Windsor castle

May 13th - Toucan Assembly

June 10th – Phonic Screener Check

June 12th – KS1 Parents’ lunch

June 25th – Sports Day 

July 5th – Zebra Assembly

July 6th - Holy Family Festival

July 10th - Infant Voice Festival

July 18th – Whole school Mass



Learning Term 5 



In English this term, the children will be exploring the text, ‘The Queen's Hat’ by Steve Antony.  Within this unit, the children will be building on their sentence work by ‘stacking sentences.’  The children will focus on sentence construction and vocabulary and once the children have been modelled a sentence, in its correct form, the children will use this to form sentences of their own.

The children will focus on the plot points of the story, focusing on the emotions (the highs and lows of the story) at each plot point. From this, the children will think about and explore the different vocabulary that would be relevant to the story at this point, supporting the development of language and making their sentences more interesting.

The children will be exploring a variety of the skills from the Writing Rainbow, including, using basic and varied punctuation, dialogue, alliteration and so on.


Year 2 Maths

In Maths this term, the year 2 pupils will continue to develop their knowledge of measurement and beginning to look at statistics. They will learn how to interpret a table and how to construct their own tables for different purposes. They will look at measuring capacity, using millilitres and litres. They will also look at measuring temperature.

Year 1 Maths

In Maths this term, the year 1 children will be learning about addition and subtraction skills up to 20 – within 10, bridging 10 and using one and two digit numbers.  Then we will be learning the different units of measurement for time and start learning how to tell the time!  We will focus on learning what clocks look like on the hour and on the half hour.  



The children will be discussing the story of the resurrection. The children will be looking at the events in the Easter story through the eyes of Peter.  They will be thinking about what this means to them as well as others.

Catholic Social Teaching

In our Catholic Social Teaching this term, we will think about and discuss what community is. They will have the opportunity to share what communities they are a part of and what aspects of these communities they have in common. We will focus on our school community and what is special about belonging to our school community.


In History this term, the children will be learning about 'What is a monarch?'  

The children will be focusing on the UK monarchy today and in the past.  The children will learn what a monarch is, what happens during a coronation, the rule of William the Conqueror and how castles have changed over time.


In Science this term, the children will be exploring the topic ‘Plants'.

The children will be looking at plants and will learn how to: observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants; and learn to describe how plants need water, light and suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.

The unit will challenge children to recall the knowledge and skills they have covered in the previous lessons.


In D&T this term, the children will be making smoothies!  As part of cooking and nutrition, the children will be identifying and using fruits and vegetables. They will learn a range of places that fruits and vegetables grow and describe some of their key characteristics. Finally, the children will decide which fruits and vegetables they would like to use to create their own smoothies. They will then prepare these to create their smoothies.


In Computing this term, the children will learn about Digital Writing.

They will learn about various aspects of using a computer to create and change text.  The children will familiarise themselves with typing on a keyboard (and learning where the keys are!) and begin using tools to change the look of their writing, and then they will consider the differences between using a computer and writing on paper to create text.



Panther - RE - Holy Week

To complete our learning around Holy Week, the children worked in groups to create a Holy Week Stained Glass Window timeline. Each child in the group selected an event and created a picture, which they then put together to create the timeline of events.


Panther - RE - Washing the Disciples feet

Children explored each of the events in Holy Week, they then completed some Drama, role-playing Jesus washing the Disciples feet. They thought then about the message Jesus was trying to teach the disciples.


Panther - RE - Holy Week - Palm Sunday

Children explored each of the events in Holy Week, they then made palms and worked as a class to act out Palm Sunday, taking turns to be Jesus.


Panther - Science Boffins


Panther - Hot seating - questions relating to the story of Zacchaeus


Panther - RE - Drama, Role playing the story of Zacchaeus


Panther Class - World Book Day

Children completed a number of activities around world book day, which included creating personal Book Marks linked to their favourite books. They also wrote book reviews for their favourite books, which we have put altogether to make a class recommendation book..


Panther - Experience Days for English - Seasons



Panther - Computing - programming Bee-bots


Panther - Art - Sculpture 3D Art


Panther class DT - Making a Puppet


Zebra Reading for Pleasure


Zebra English--Little Red Reading Hood

Going on a woodland wander


Zebra Science

looking at the sense--taste


Panther - Science - Senses - Taste investigation

The children tasted different foods, focusing on whether they tasted: salty, sweet, sour, pleasant, unpleasant and so on. They then rated how they felt each tasted to them, whether they liked the taste or disliked it.


Zebra D.T.--Puppets


KS1 Library Trip


Panther - RE - Christmas - sequencing the Christmas story

Children worked in groups to sequence the Christmas story and then think about and discuss what they felt the most important part of the story was to them.


Panther - Maths Making 3D shapes


Panther - RE - Praying the Rosary


Panther English - Performing a poem


Panther - Geography - Making messy maps


Panther DT - Creating a windmill


Panther - Computing


Zebra Show and Tell


Zebra EDOL: Italy


Zebra D.T.

Constructing Windmills




Zebra Maths


Zebra English


Zebra Class Golden Time


Panther - Science - Testing out waterproof materials



Exploring Italy and a visit from Sam and Eti