Holy Family Catholic Primary and Nursery School

Bush Babies Nursery

Physical Education

At Holy Family we provide children with a range of exciting, stimulating and challenging sports activities.

All children participate in a two hour lesson of PE each week. 

In these sessions, the children are encouraged to develop their physical skills through a variety of activities as well as develop positive attitudes towards sharing, cooperating and working as a team. All sessions are carefully planned by the Teachers and Sports Coach to cater for all the children's needs.

Each session is planned to enable the children to:

  • learn and develop skills in a range of physical activities
  • understand the need for exercise and the importance of being healthy
  • learn to select and use skills, tactics and ideas to suit different activities;
  • learn to use a range of equipment safely
  • compete against others
  • improving aspects of their own performance through self and peer evaluation
  • discover their own talents
  • develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activity

Holy Family also offer a range of Sports clubs every lunchtime and after school run by the Sports Coach which are available to all pupils.

We offer clubs such as multi-skills, netball, football, hockey, gymnastics, tennis, cricket, basketball and tag rugby.

Our Year 5 and 6 children have just finished their weekly swimming lessons where they are taught by experienced swimming coaches helping them to develop their skills and confidence. Year 3 and 4 children will start their lessons in Term 3.

As a school we also participate in both the Football and Netball leagues each year.

At Holy Family we realise that competition is an important part of being a good sports player. We take part in a range of competitions such as netball, football, cricket and tag rugby, both within school and within the county. These opportunities give children a chance to practise their team work and athletic skills as well as giving them the chance to show good sportsmanship - whether we win or lose!