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Personal, Social, Health and Economic and Relationships and Health Education

Jesus said … “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10: 10


The principal aim of the PSHE and RHE curriculum at Holy Family Catholic Primary and Nursery School is to enable all of our pupils to develop crucial skills and positive attitudes.

There is a proven link between pupils' health and wellbeing, and their academic progress. Holy Family recognises PSHE and RHE lessons are critical to ensuring all of the pupils have the opportunity to become effective learners as they learn to gain a measure of knowledge, skills and understanding on which to build confident, healthy, independent lives.

At Holy Family we recognise the importance of the role of PSHE and RHE in helping our children really understand themselves and others. Through the positive work we do, we feel that we are equipping our children with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for life, not only within our school community, but also in the wider world.


At Holy Family we base PSHE teaching on the 'Life to the Full Plus' scheme of work. 'Life to the Full Plus' covers all the the statutory requirements of the RHE Curriculum and the National Curriculum for PSHE. 

PSHE is embedded within all that we do at Holy Family School and is closely linked with our work in other areas of the curriculum. Through our approach we aim to help our children develop by increasing their confidence, helping them to keep safe, building on their sense of identity, developing their self-understanding as well as empathy for others, and by helping them to develop positive and productive relationships throughout their lives. Children are encouraged to explore their own worth in the school community and within their wider community. In doing so, the aim is for each individual to become increasingly responsible for their own actions and learning.

Through active participation and personal reflection, the children will learn to respect each other and understand our diversities and differences. Our aim at Holy Family is to help and encourage all the children to form effective and fulfilling friendship both now and in the future.

Life to the Full Overview

Overview of Scheme


Whole School Overview Document

 Module 1 - Created and Loved by God

Module 1 b

Module 2 - Created to love others

Overview Module 2aModule 2b

Module 3 - Created to live in a community



Our pupils develop their skills and understanding so that they are increasingly able to

  • Take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing;
  • Build and nurture positive relationships;
  • Understand their role, rights and responsibilities as citizens of the wider world.

Curriculum Documents

EYFS Progression of Knowledge Key Stage 1 Progression of Knowledge Lower KS2 Progression of Knowledge Upper Key Stage 2 Progression of Knowledge

Key Vocabulary

EYFS vocabulary Key Stage 1 vocabularyYear 3 and 4 vocabularyYear 5 and 6 vocabulary 

 Parental Consultation

 In 2021, the results of the consultation were discussed with governors and it was agreed that the following become part of the curriculum based on parent feedback.

  • Children will be taught the names of external genitalia in KS1
  • Physical changes during puberty to be taught in Year 4
  • Children taught about “sexual intimacy” that is respectful of Catholic beliefs in Year 6.
  • Pornography is covered from an internet safety perspective
  • Parent Portal can be accessed https://www.tentenresources.co.uk/parent-portal/
  • Username: holy-family-sn3
  • Password: instrument-of-peace5