Holy Family Catholic Primary and Nursery School

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'He who sings, prays twice'

St. Augustine

Music Intent

At Holy Family Primary & Nursery School we believe that music should be an enjoyable experience for all. We want our children to realise that music can paint pictures in their minds, help them to enjoy life and also build up their confidence through participating in a range of musical activities.

  • We want to ensure that all pupils are given opportunities to sing, perform, play instruments, improvise and compose.
  • To listen to live and recorded music and develop an understanding of the history of music.
  • To learn songs and hymns which support the ethos of our school and are sung in church, class masses and assemblies.
  • To provide wider opportunities and experiences to represent the school and perform at singing festivals and concerts.
  • To provide instrumental tuition for classes in KS2 that are delivered by specialist peripatetic music teachers.

Music Implementation 

Music in Nursery and Foundation Stage is part of everyday life! Children dance, sing songs and play instruments and can access these through their child-initiated learning as well as adult led activity. Music is encompassed in the 'Expressive Arts and Design' area of learning.

Music is taught to the whole class by the class teacher and follows the Charanga music scheme.  The scheme provides lesson plans, assessment, clear progression and supports all the requirements of the national curriculum.  The interrelated dimensions of music weave through the units to encourage the development of musical skills as the learning progresses through listening and appraising, differing musical activities (including creating and exploring) and performing.

Lower KS2 music, (Y3/4) is predominantly taught by a specialist peripatetic music teacher where the children learn to play the recorder.  Singing assemblies allow the children to develop their singing skills and understand how ensembles work and support the ethos of our school through the hymns and songs we learn.  Performances, such as the Nativity, Easter story and a musical production, demonstrate that music is important to our school.   Our wider opportunities give our children the experience of singing and performing at a larger venue such as The Platform, The Wyvern Theatre and even the O2 or World Resorts Arena in Birmingham!

Music Impact

 Participation in music develops well- being, promotes listening and develops concentration.  It will increase the pupils’ self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. The knowledge of new and developed musical vocabulary, will enable pupils to think about what they have played or heard, reflect on their learning and articulating this using the vocabulary.   Whole school, parental and parishioner engagement will be improved through class assemblies, performances and wider opportunities and pupils will have the opportunity to share their successes and skills.

Curriculum Documents

Holy Family Whole School Overview - An overview of the units taught from EYFS - Year 6

Progression of Knowledge and Skills

Music National Curriculum