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Mathematics is a skill essential in every day life.

It is a crucial element of communication, used in society, everyday situations and in the world of work.

At Holy Family our aims is to equip our children with the mathematical skills needed to function successfully in their future lives as confident members of society.

We aim to

  • To equip pupils with the mathematics they need to become numerate.
  • To develop the children's positive "Can Do" attitudes to mathematics, recognising that maths can be both useful and enjoyable.
  • To develop pupils ability to apply mathematical skills with confidence and understanding when solving problems.
  • To give children skills they need in order to explain their methods and reasoning using the correct mathematical language.
  • To encourage a fascination and excitement of maths.
  • To be able to use and apply the skills in other curricular areas and everyday situations.

EYFS is used for children in the foundation stage. At this stage, pupils experience mathematics on a daily basis. Opportunities for mathematics are developed through daily routines and all areas of learning.

Calculation Methods

Are you unsure about how to explain key calculation methods to your child?

Please click the following links where you will find examples of the calculation methods that we use in school for addition/subtraction and multiplication/division

You will find the methods taught in each year group for written methods, developing understanding, jottings/mental methods and also I just know it ideas.

Termly Key Instant Recall Facts

Every term the children have Key Instant Recall Facts to learn. The learning of these will be scaffolded in class, but we also ask that the parents support their children in learning them at home too.

The objectives of the KIRFs align with the new maths curriculum.

Please go to the Phase pages to view their termly KIRFs.

Phases: 1 and 2    3 and 4    5 and 6

Teaching and Learning

Planning for maths follows the National Curriculum. The children are taught the national curriculum objectives which link directly to their year group. please see more details by following this link.

At Holy Family we follow a teaching for mastery approach to mathematics to develop children's understanding, knowledge and fluency in Maths.

When planning, teachers consider the small steps the children need to take in order to make progress to ensure a secure and deep understanding.

Activities are planned to encourage the full and active participation of all pupils. Opportunities to transfer skills learnt, to real situations, are used where possible.

Differentiation of support throughout the lesson enables all children to strive to achieve the learning objective.

Mathematical language and vocabulary is clearly modelled by the teacher; this is supported by key vocabulary being displayed on maths working walls.