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Physical Education

Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?

1 Corinthians 3:16

PE Intent

At Holy Family we believe that Physical Education is a brilliant opportunity to develop the whole child and support both physical and mental wellbeing. All children at Holy Family receive a rich, broad and balanced PE curriculum that encompasses a range of opportunities for children to develop behaviour and attitudes such as sportsmanship, resilience and respect which will benefit them throughout school life and beyond.

 Our curriculum ensures all children can take part in and develop their knowledge and skills no matter their ability whilst developing a secure understanding of how this contributes to strengthened personal health and wellbeing. We aim to broaden children’s horizons and enable them to discover and develop new talents and encourage aspirations relating to sport.

PE Implementation 

 At Holy Family Catholic Primary and Nursery School we teach at least 1.5 hours of high quality PE each week. The PE Hub Scheme of work underpins our teaching and ensures that there is broad coverage of activities across all year groups ensuring that knowledge and skills are developed and prior knowledge is built upon from EYFS to Year 6. The PE Hub set objectives relating to Head, Hand and Heart for each subject which enable us to develop skills such as leadership, competitiveness and motivation. These objectives  interweave with our school values and allow us to promote these through our PE lessons.

We provide CPD to support the effectively delivery of PE as well as the use of pupil voice which is invaluable when monitoring a subject.

 Children will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a broad range of activities through curriculum PE time, including gymnastics, dance, games, outdoor education, athletics, and swimming.
  • Know how to stay fit, healthy, and active and enjoy doing so, choosing to engage in physical activity and sport in their own time.
  • Learn to win and lose, support others and be supported, showing sportsmanship and good character.
  • Work as part of a team towards a common goal as well as individually improving their performance.
  • Be allowed to be creative in a range of activities.
  • Play competitively, respecting officials and other players.
  • Develop spiritually, morally and culturally through diverse activities and opportunities
  • Understand and use the correct technical vocabulary

Appreciate the importance of mental health and wellbeing and how physical activity plays a part in this.


PE Impact

PE offers so much more with regards to the impact on a child’s health and wellbeing than just physical activity. We are helping to provide children with life skills so that they can grow into healthy and active individuals through our PE lessons and promoting extra-curricular activities and getting involved in whole school initiatives such as ‘Beat The Street’. The high quality and consistent approach to PE teaching will significantly impact and improve attainment in knowledge and skills in PE.

 We at Holy Family we will develop the whole child through:

  • Strengthening thinking and decision-making skills
  • Building and increasing confidence and self-esteem
  • Developing character and resilience
  • Enhancing their commitment and desire to improve
  • Allowing opportunities for enjoyment, fun and free-spiritedness

Fostering feelings of safety and security

Curriculum Documents

Holy Family Whole School Overview - An overview of the units taught from Reception - Year 6

PE Progression of Knowledge and Skills - See the progression of our PE curriculum from Reception to Year 6.

PE Knowledge Organiser - Every unit that is taught in PE has a knowledge organiser that highlights the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary that the children will be taught. (See Example)

PE Progression in Vocabulary - Key vocabulary that is used across each unit of work for each year group. 

PE National Curriculum - The PE National Curriculum Objectives


Holy Family Football team wins the Kids Utilita Cup - 2022/2023

Well Done to our football team who played with teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship to enable them to win the kids Utilita cup and place first out of 14 local schools. 

You can find our story in the Swindon Advertiser here:

Swindon school children win tournament for first time in 30 years | Swindon Advertiser 

The team will now go on to represent Swindon in the next round of the cup!