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Computer literacy is a life skill.

Technology is an essential element of communication used widely in society at both work and home. At Holy Family our main aims in the teaching of ICT are:

  • To foster and develop children's understanding and knowledge through an appropriate range of computing experiences.
  • To give children the opportunity to enjoy working with hardware and software confidently, carefully and safely.
  • To give children the opportunity to use currently available hardware and software. This will teach them to communicate more readily, to handle information and to use computing to support their problem solving, recording and expressive work.
  • To maintain, as an ongoing process, Holy Family Catholic Primary and Nursery School's investment in computing, in both financial and human resources.
  • To embed the use of computing throughout the primary curriculum

Using ICT at Holy Family

From year one to six, the children at holy Family have a weekly computing lesson which focuses on a specific ICT skill.

In Nursery and EYFS the children begin discrete computing lessons but are given regular access to ICT in their classroom in a variety of ways. All children are given opportunities to use their computing skills to support their learning in other lessons. We have laptops and iPads in the school, as well as keypads, digital cameras, microphones and visualisers to help children use different computing hardware.

In Key Stage One the children focus on learning how to use algorithms, create and debug programmes, learn about keeping safe online as well as using Clicker and 2Simples packages.

In year 3 and 4 discover how computers work, develop their algorithm and programming skills along with developing their knowledge of keeping safe online and working with data and information.

In year 5 and 6 the children learn about using networks, net-searching, deepen their knowledge of e-safety and build on their algorithm and programming skills.

For more information on Holy Family's ICT teaching, please
download our policy.