Holy Family Catholic Primary and Nursery School

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 Your Eco-Warrior Reps:

Year 2:


Year 3:


Year 4:

Charles- Crocodile

Year 5:

Isaac- Elephant

Eco Warriors

Welcome to the Holy Family Eco Warrior page! This page will tell you about our brand new Eco Warriors and some of the work we are doing. We have just recently appointed our new Eco Warriors who are now working hard to encourage the rest of the school to become more eco - friendly. 

Our Eco-Warriors will work hard to help others look after the school environment. Eco-warriors will take part in discussions and votes to decide what will be best for our school. They will feed this back to the rest of their class. The members will have regular meetings with Miss Abbott and Mrs King to put different actions into place. 


Keep your eye out for the first piece of news our Eco-Team come up with!