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The E-Safety Team are responsible for leading online safety developments throughout school. The team are here to help children learn how to stay safe online and on electronic devices. The team will meet regularly with Mrs Pocock to plan assemblies, review policies, update the website and prepare resources to share with classes based upon their needs.

Meet the Team


     Cillian- Leopard    Amelia- Crocodile     Ezra- Gazelle        Zara- Lemur


   Ezik- Lion             Mason-Elephant

E-Safety  Competition


We challenge you to create the perfect listener “Earo the Hero”  We need you to think about what makes a good listener? Do they just listen or do they ask questions? Can a good listening give advice?   This listener can then be illustrated and presented as a superhero. We need you to design your superhero and write what makes him a good listener. Then put your name and year group on the paper and hand in to your teachers or one of us.

We will choose a winner from Reception, KS1, Year ¾ and Year 5/6. These posters will be displayed around the school and on the website to promote being a good listener!

We hope you accept the challenge!

Earo The Hero Competition                                                                                                                           

E Safety Assembly

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