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Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching calls us all to work for the common good, help build a just society, uphold the dignity of human life and work for justice and the dignity of all our brothers and sisters, especially those in the greatest need,

Over the course of the year, every child in every year group will study each of the seven themes of Caritas in Action.  This includes:

Dignity of the Human Person

Every human person is created in the image and likeness of God.  Therefore, every person's life and dignity must be respected and supported from conception until the end of their natural life on earth.

Family and Community

The human person is not only sacred, but social.  How society is organised be it socially, economically, legally or politically has a direct impact on the dignity and growth of every human person and community.  Marriage and family should be supported and strengthened.  Every person has a right to work to support themselves and their families as well as building up of the common good of all.

Solidarity and the Common Good

We are all People of God, one family.  Therefore, what happens to one has an impact on all, locally nationally and globally.  At the heart of solidarity is the pursuit of justice and peace.  Our love for all calls us to work for a peaceful and just society where everyone has a fair share of the goods needed for a sustainable life,and opportunities for growth and development are offered equally.  The dignity of every person is respected.   

Jaguar Class enjoyed their trip to the Magistrates Court in Swindon December 2023! They were greeted by three judges who then allowed the  children to interview them! The children then dressed up and took on key roles. They discussed actions and possible consequences to society and the individual for those actions.



Dignity of Work

Work is a way in which we can continue to participate in God's creation.  Work gives dignity to life and must be carried out in such a way that the basic rights of workers are respected.  Everyone has the right to productive work, to fair and liveable wages, and to organize and join a union.  The economy must be conducted so that it serves the needs of the people.

Rights and Responsibilities

 Every person has a fundamental right to life.  It is this right that makes all other rights possible.  Everyone has the right to food, health care, housing, education and employment.  We all need to strive to secure and respect these rights for others both locally and globally.


Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

Society is judged on how it cares for and stands with the poor and vulnerable - our brothers and sisters.  We read in scripture how God has a special concern for the oppressed, poor, vulnerable and those forced to the margins of society.  The church calls us to respond to the cry of the poor and put their needs first.  This preferential treatment for the poor and vulnerable must be seen in action in our daily lives.  

Chaplaincy Team organising donations






Stewardship of Creation

The world God has created has been entrusted to everyone and we are responsible and accountable to God as stewards of the earth.  The world has been given to us as a gift, to enjoy and care for so that future generations can enjoy it too.  It is in caring for creation that we show our love and respect for its Creator.




Year 6's find their voices!

In the Autumn Term, as part of their RE lessons, our Year 6 children wrote letters to the Prime Minister to express their feelings about climate change.  They were driven to put pen to paper by the words of Pope Francis' 2015 encyclical Laudato Si'.  Pope Frances asks us all to care for our common home.

 Letters to the Prime Minister





Much to the delight of the children, a response has been received from 10 Downing Street, which you can read below.

10 downing street office response.pdf






LiveSimply Award 

‘responsibility within creation and our duties towards nature and the Creator are an essential part of our faith’
– Pope Francis in Laudato Si –


In response to Pope Francis’ call in Laudato Si, “responsibility within creation and our duties towards nature and the Creator are an essential part of our faith”, Holy Family have committed to embark on CAFOD’s ‘LiveSimply’ journey and work together to look after the world around us and contribute to a more sustainable world. 

Why Live SImply?


 Live Simply at Holy Family

 Holy Family Live Simply Action Plan 2023

Holy Family School Live Simply Registration Certificate

 Litter Pick with Eco-Club and Eco Council

Both the Eco-Club and Eco-Council came together to start a litter pick. The aim was to go around the local area and collect as much litter as we could. However, as soon as we got into the school car park we couldn't believe how much we found! We then moved to the street next to the school and were completely surprised at what we found: coats, cat carrier, shoes as well as the usual litter.  It was incredible how much we found. Hopefully, we will get to go out again before the end of term to continue to litter pick. 



 Tree Planting

'The UK needs millions more trees to reach its 2050 carbon net-zero target' - Woodland Trust

In order to support this target the  Holy Family Eco Club have been busy planting trees on our school field. The Woodland Trust provided free trees for schools and the eco club made it their mission to choose a perfect place to plant the trees, measures out the area and planted the trees.

Books to raise awareness of Climate Change

As part of Holy Families drive and commitment to looking after ad caring for the world we live in, we have invested in a number of books to raise awareness of climate change. These books are available for all children to share and read.