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 Father Obi's Lent/Easter Message - March 2023


We Rejoice in the Victory of Easter -  By Fr Nnam Di Obi

We recently had a school mass in Holy Family Church. A class led us in such a beautiful and prayerful mass as other classes do. We reflected on the theme of forgiveness.

Indeed, forgiveness is the key to a good and healthy relationship in our homes, the school, and everywhere in society. Forgiveness stops little hurts from escalating to unnecessary conflicts and wars.

Everyone wants to be forgiven when we make mistakes and hurt others.  It feels good to know we have been forgiven. This gives us the strength and courage to forgive others who also hurt us.

The story of the prodigal son is a moving story of genuine forgiveness and love for someone we may think doesn't deserve it. But we all deserve to be loved and forgiven.

We have been in Lent, making sacrifices to help those in need. It will soon be Easter when we will celebrate and rejoice in God, who liberates us from all that holds us down. At Easter, and indeed every day, Christ invites us to rise above everything that is not good for us and others; we rejoice in the Lord in victory over sin and death.

Happy Easter!


Father Obi's Christmas Message - December 2022

What Makes a Lovely Christmas?

It is less than a fortnight to Christmas.  This year has gone so quickly.  And Christmas this year seems to come early.

But children can't wait to celebrate another lovely season of Christmas.

What makes a lovely Christmas?  Some say it is the beautiful winter snow.  Others say it is the food and celebration.  Some say it is about what we give and receive with love and affection.  Others say it is about family and friends getting together.  Oh, we won't forget the lovely Christmas carols and church services.  Indeed, we have so much to look forward to at Christmas.  

But we ought not forget the centre of this celebration.  It is the little baby Jesus born to us.  He reminds us of all the good things that Christmas offers.  Let us celebrate this Christmas with joy as we keep in our thoughts and prayers, all who, for any reason, are not as happy as they should be this Christmas.  Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Father Obi's Easter Message - April 2022

the beauty of life is in sharing father obis easter message 2022.pdf


A very special Christmas and New Year Message from Fr Obi - December 2021

christmas is joyful when it is meaningful fr obi message.pdf


A very special Easter message from Fr Obi - April 2021

Dear pupils, staff and parents of Holy Family,

We have been through the journey of Lent this year, which has, at least, reminded us about the suffering many families go through in life, especially this Pandemic. We may have asked a few questions: Where was God when children and their families were starving? Where was he when some families grieved their loved ones?

Others may still ask: Where was God when his only son Jesus suffered and died on the cross? There are no already made answers to these. But we know people suffer more when they have no one to help or comfort them. This shouldn't happen to anyone.

Jesus came to help us carry our little crosses, to teach us how to help others carry theirs. When we do so, we will win the victory of life together as people of hope. In Easter, we celebrate the victory of life over death; the victory of light over darkness; the victory of true love over all things.

Happy Easter!

Fr Nnam Di Obi

Parish Priest

Bishop Declan has recorded his Pastoral Letter for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary time (updated 18th Feb)

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October 2017 - Holy Family's Diocesan Inspection: OUTSTANDING

We are delighted to share with you Holy Family's Diocesan Inspection report, which has put down in words what we already know - that our school community is OUTSTANDING! The report recognises the excellent teaching and provision within the school and how our pupils embody Gospel values, supported in their mission by all staff and their families. Read the full Letter and Report here.